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Greater New York Nursing is positioned in support of our healthcare partners and patient communities. We simplify the process of navigating complex care systems and deliver high-skill services along with education, prevention, and management strategies.

Care Management

Taking a managed health approach,we provide full-service health support, interventions, and highly skilled personnel to improve quality of life for the terminally ill.

Nurse Staffing

Partnering with insurances carriers, hospitals and other healthcare providers, we deliver specialty healthcare services to those who appreciate our superior specialties.

At-Home Care

We believe in care as a community cause, and bring services of distinction to the homes of community residents for improved clinical outcomes.

A skilled hand. A caring heart.

Our broad range of services covers virtually all medical and therapy treatments, including but not limited to:

Our process

Taking the time to head the need

Care can never be rushed. When preparing to onboard a new patient, our intake coordinators work closely with referring care managers, nurses and the patient’s family or caregivers to develop a customized care plan tailored to work in the patient’s home. We follow the intake process with a 360° assessment performed by one of our Registered Nurses, taking into account the patient’s specific medical needs, therapy and dietary requirements, and relevant social and cultural factors.

Listening is a skill on its own.


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